Alcohol and your joints

We all know how alcohol abuse can have a negative effect on your liver and body, amongst other things. But have you ever given thought to the effects it might have on your muscles and joints?

High consumption of alcohol can affect your body in various ways. Drinking too much reduces blood flow to your muscles, which can weaken and deteriorate them over time. Alcoholism can also bring on muscle cramps or spasms due to the chronic dehydration it may cause. When crystals of uric acid build up in your body it leads to joint inflammation. This condition commonly referred to as gout, can result in severe pain.

Alcohol's presence in your bloodstream can make it harder for your body to break down essential nutrients, as it decreases digestive enzyme secretion and damages stomach and intestinal linings. Keep in mind that alcohol itself also contains calories but little to no nutrition, so it's not a productive source of nutrients for your body; excessive amounts of alcohol are likely to be stored as fat rather than converted into energy.

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Norma N