Celadrin® is a medically and clinically proven Joint Health compound developed through a proprietary process of esterifying oils.

Celadrin® is an innovative, all natural ingredient which has been medically shown to reduce inflammation and pain with no side effects. Celadrin® systematically enhances and lubricates cell membranes throughout the body providing youthful cell fluidity and elasticity. This includes the enhancement of fluids that cushions your bones and joints to maintain flexibility and mobility so that you can move with ease and pain free.

What is it

01.cetylated fatty acid

Celadrin® is comprised of innovative, targeted & proprietary cetylated fatty acid esters & other active synergists. Celadrin® enhances cell membranes throughout the body and restores fluids that cushion bones and joints to promote flexibility and mobility.

02.How it works

The cause of wear on the joint area can be attributable to inflammation as well as insufficient lubrication and cell membrane fluidity. Celadrin® provides continuous lubrication and allows the cell membrane to repel inflammatory chemicals.

Celadrin and the Cell Membrane

The body is made up of an enormous amount of cells separated into varied types and functions. The cell membrane is the organized structure that separates and protects components in the cell from neighboring cells and the outside world. Some of the major components of the cell membrane are structural lipids. These lipids regulate the nutrients, minerals, electrolytes, drugs and other compounds across the cell membrane. This regulation is very critical to the adequate function and health of the individual cell. Celadrin® enhances the cell membrane and its integrity for efficient functionality.

Celadrin® provides the cell membrane with an ideal blend of lipids to enhance its function. A myriad or countless number of body stressors impairs and targets the cell membrane’s lipids, which creates damage to the peak functioning and health of the membrane and cell. This reaction damages the membrane and can cause the cell’s demise. Consuming or applying Celadrin® enables the cell membrane to protect the cell and repel the stressors. Celadrin® also assists in perfecting the functioning or the channeling capabilities of the cell membrane. The result is a more efficient, fluid, permeable and a youthful cell membrane.


“ I have been using Flexadrin capsules for two months now and find that the arthritis in my feet has improved significantly. I definitely have greater ease and flexibility in getting up and walking. The throbbing when I have been on my feet for an extended period has also improved. When experiencing pain in my wrists, elbows, knees and feet, after applying Flexadrin cream the pain is relieved within 20-30 mins. This makes coping with my situation much easier, and gives me hope that with continued use I will soon be pain free. My husband has also been using Flexadrin capsules and cream at the same time and the stiffness in his hands has improved and his shoulder pain when lying down at night has also been relieved.

So both of us have benefited significantly by using Flexadrin capsules and cream! We say a big “THANK YOU” to Flexadrin for a wonderful product!!”

Sue T

Cape Town

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