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The Flexadrin range of products have been reformulated using the newest and most exciting new ingredients sourced from various parts of the globe.

These new ingredients boast a host of clinical studies confirming its efficacy in relieving the symptoms of Osteoarthritis and proving to be much more effective than using Glucosamine and chondroitin formulations in a new ONE capsule a day dosage. The aim of the range of Flexadrin products is to give you the ability to improve your joint comfort, mobility, and flexibility by reducing the inflammation cascade in your joints no matter if you’re an athlete and your physical activity level is high or if you’re a senior and wish to reduce your joint pain and preserve your mobility.


Celadrin® a medically and clinically
proven Joint Health compound

Celadrin® is a medically and clinically proven Joint Health compound developed through a proprietary process of esterifying oils.

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates pain and stiffness of the joints and its associated conditions, as the leading cause of discomfort worldwide. It’s giving rise to vast healthcare costs and loss of work.

It affects over 53 million. Flexadrin reduces discomfort quickly, with the additional benefits of restoring fluids, and cushioning bones and joints with long-term use. 


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customers say

This stuff is amazing! I woke up this morning with such a stiff neck I could hardly move my head let alone lift it off the pillow. In desperation I reached for the tube of Flexdrin which just happened to be under the duvet at the bottom of the bed. Rubbed a goodly dose on and lay back listening to the news. When I was ready to get up I could hardly believe the difference in my neck! No less than amazing...better take a few tubes along for the Q4Q ride!
I heard about Celadrin from a friend and started taking it to relieve pain in my knees that I had been experiencing because of many years of high impact aerobics. Sometimes the pain was so bad I had difficulty going up stairs and had to hold onto the hand rail for support. After using the capsules for a month the pain has gone and has not returned. My husband has also been using the cream on his back when he has experienced pain and found he got immediate relief. This is truly a miracle product.
After having two operations on my right ankle to remove calcification on the joint, from a paragliding accident in 1996, certain types of exercise/activities result in pain. Golf is one activity that results in a swollen foot and throbbing pain. Since using Flexadrin cream before and after my golf game, I am able to enjoy my golf game by walking the course and I recover from pain after each game with in 30 minutes. I have also noticed a mobility in my ankle that I did not have after my operations.
What is


Celadrin® is comprised of innovative, targeted & proprietary cetylated fatty acid esters & other active synergists. Celadrin® enhances cell membranes throughout the body and restores fluids that cushion bones and joints to promote flexibility and mobility.

The cause of wear on the joint area can be attributable to inflammation as well as insufficient lubrication and cell membrane fluidity. Celadrin® provides continuous lubrication and allows the cell membrane to repel inflammatory chemicals.



The effects of cetylated fatty acid cream on pain, range of motion and quality of life
of patients with osteoarthritis.

May 2005
A Cetylated Fatty Acid Topical Cream Reduces Pain and Improves Functional Performance
in Patients with Arthritis.

Feb 2005
Effects of Treatment With a Cetylated Fatty Acid Topical Cream on Static Postural Stability and Plantar Pressure Distribution in Patients with Knee Osteoarthritis.

April 2004
The effects of a cetylated fatty acid topical cream on functional mobility and quality of life of patients with osteoarthritis.

The effects of a cetylated fatty acid cream on functional mobility and performance
in patients with osteoarthritis.

Aug 2002
Cetylated Fatty Acids Improve Knee Function
in Patients with Osteoarthritis.

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Improve Joint Comfort
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Celadrin® is the patented, fast acting solution for soothing everyday aches and pains. Athletes, health practitioners, those with joint discomfort, and millions of people use it worldwide.


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